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Used Car Loans


Easy-on-the-wallet used car loans are available with Rapid Car Loans. It helps bad credit car buyers in making a quick purchase decision. The company's fast application process ensures that you buy the desired old car of your choice quickly. Apply now and obtain flexible loan terms and convenient loan rates.

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America lives on wheels! Every American aspires to own a car. It doesn't matter if the car is old or new. For every car owner, his car is his ultimate passion. But, if you want to make a decision that guarantees value-for-money, you must consider buying a used car. Today, it is easy to buy a used car of good quality.

Used cars are sold in large numbers in America. They are far more economical than new cars. Old cars are an excellent option for people with low income because the cars are priced lower than a new car.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars help you get the Best Deal

You have to be careful while buying a used car because there are higher chances of buying a junk. You may get ripped off by a devious dealer and end up buying a lemon. Hence, lenders consider it risky and avoid approving used car loans. Also, a used car's re-sale value is far less than a new car. It also acts as an obstacle in availing an auto loan.

So, what is the solution? The answer is certified pre-owned cars. With the car, making a used car purchase is worth the effort. The cars are certified by manufacturer and in some cases, the dealer. Buying such a car is useful because you know what you are getting into. Plus, you also get the opportunity to enjoy additional warranty.

Getting loan approval on a certified pre-owned car is easy as the lenders won’t have trouble in ascertaining the value of the car.

RapidCarLoans – The Champion for Used Car Buyers believes that everyone shouldn't be judged on the same parameter. We believe that everyone should have the privilege of buying a car and so, provide auto loans at affordable rates.

Our used car loan program is also useful for students and first time buyers. Both these segments, usually buy used cars. The main problem faced by them is non-availability of auto loans. The reason behind it is inadequacy of credit history. Hence, we offer used car loans to people with zero credit history. The loans are a great aid to students in building their credit score.

Can I get a Used Car Loan with Bad Credit History?

Usually, bad credit borrowers face a tough time in getting an auto loan of their choice. Their payment history becomes a critical point for lenders. But, do not worry if you have a bad credit score. offers used cars loan to bad credit borrowers. We do not discriminate anyone on the basis of credit score. We consider several factors before approving your loan application. So, don't hesitate in applying even with a bad credit history.

With our fast service and pre-approval option, buying a used car will become a piece of cake for you.

Buying a Car from a Private Party? Don’t worry. We have got you covered!

We understand the advantages of buying a used car from a private party over a local dealer. You may find the process of buying a car from a private seller less intimidating. If you have found out a reliable individual and think that the car is ideal for you, apply with us. We will find you the best auto loan deal and help you buy the car. offers never-before-seen rates to borrowers. We review your application and understand your requirements. It helps us to provide you the best possible match. Also, it guarantees the best rates. So, when you think of buying a used car, consider us. We will take care of all your financial needs to buy a used car. Apply now and feel the difference!


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