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Pre Approved Car Loans


Get an auto loan first so that you do not have to postpone buying your favorite car, once you find it. RapidCarLoans will help you in obtaining pre approved car loans and make car buying simple, quick and affordable. Apply now without worrying about your credit history.

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Usually, car buyers select a car after intensive research and then, start the process of applying for an auto loan. But, the strategy can backfire if you do not get approved for the loan. It is always better to keep finance ready so that you can buy the car quickly.

What are Pre Approved Car Loans?

When you obtain pre approved car loans, you get a check from a lender, bank or credit union. The check contains the pre approved loan amount. Also, there are certain lenders who provide blank checks to car buyers with excellent credit history.

If you have a pre approved auto loan, it makes you a favorable car buyer for the dealer. Thus, enables you to negotiate in a better way.

What are the Benefits of Pre Approved Auto Financing?

1. As you have pre approved financing, you have the upper hand in negotiation.

2. The dealer may offer you competitive interest rates.

3. Choosing a car becomes easy because of a pre-defined budget.

4. It makes car buying easier and saves your time.

Am I eligible for getting Pre-Approved If I have a Bad Credit Score?

Usually, car buyers with good credit score are considered ideal for pre approved auto financing. But, doesn’t discriminate anyone on the basis of credit score. It understands that maintaining a good credit score consistently is not possible for everyone.

If your credit score is not good, here are a couple of ways of ensuring a yes from

1. Down payment can lower the lender’s burden and project your financial stability.

2. You can also trade-in your old car and reduce the loan amount as well as the lender’s risk.

3. If you have just come out of bankruptcy, a used car is ideal because of its reduced cost.

4. A co-signer can guarantee regular payments and make pre approved car loans a reality for you.

Can I apply for Pre-Approved Car Loan with

Absolutely, anyone above the age of 18 can apply for pre approved auto loans. If you earn a good income and have a decent debt paying ability, getting the loan program becomes a piece of cake. provides a 1-step procedure for getting pre approved car loans. Simply submit your loan requirements on the website and get ready to buy the car of your dreams.


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