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Green Car Loans - Saving your Dollars while Saving Environment

With increasing gas prices, there is a third element which has also increased evidence of being affected by the human activities and that’s important for long term community wellbeing – the environment.

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Considering the element, steps has been taken by the Department of Energy by setting up a $25 billion auto industry loan program due to the credit crisis, to quicken the development of fuel-efficient cars. Therefore, a number of companies besides the Big Three, including Silicon Valley firms and old-line Detroit auto suppliers are looking forward for this program with a promise and a plan to make more fuel-efficient cars.

On one side, the government is promoting the auto maker to produce the fuel efficient cars. While on the other, the federal government is also encouraging people to buy fuel-efficient cars by introducing ecoAUTO Rebate Program that offers a $1,000 to $2,000 rebate on the purchase or lease of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Not limited to this, you can even avail discount on your Fuel Smart Auto Loan also known as Green Car loan or Go Green Car Loans that support an eco-friendly approach to car buying. Wherein you have to simply buy a hybrid car or a vehicle that gets 30 MPG Highway as mentioned on and receive a .30% rate discount on regular new and used car loan rates.

Thus in addition to reduction in carbon emissions you can also now reduce your monthly installment while preserving environment through Green Car Loans Program. as an online car financing company knows the importance of environment and encourages fuel efficiency by offering Green Car Loan program for their customer to bring attention to the environment issues with simple solutions for a greener tomorrow.

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